Are the Rolling Chairs on Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Safe?

Posted on June 16, 2017 at 12:00pm by

Photo of an ambulanceRecently, New Jersey lawmakers passed new laws regarding safety regulations on rolling chairs in the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

How Long Have Rolling Chairs Been Permitted on the Atlantic City Boardwalk?

Rolling chairs are golf cart size covered taxis that people can use as transportation on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. The chairs are manpowered, with operators pushing the vehicles from behind. According to The Press of Atlantic City, rolling chairs have been a fixture on the Atlantic City Boardwalk since the 1880s. At the time, they were the only vehicles allowed on the Boardwalk.

Will New State Regulations on Rolling Chairs Improve Safety?

Under the new state regulations, the director of license and inspection for Atlantic City will be allowed to determine whether a rolling chair is safe for passengers. Making it a requirement for rolling chairs to pass inspection before they are allowed to carry passengers should help ensure people remain safe while riding in them. If a rolling chair has not been properly maintained or is otherwise defective, it could result in passengers, operators and pedestrians suffering injuries.

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