Why Does this Part of I-78 Have So Many Traffic Accidents?

Posted on September 14, 2016 at 12:07pm by

Close-up car accidentThis 30-mile stretch of I-78 is growing increasingly infamous for having a high number of traffic accidents. The area stretches from the Pennsylvanian border to Somerset County. The most recent accidents both occurred on the same day.

The first was a morning accident in the Union Township, which injured two people; the second was an afternoon accident in Reading Township that killed one person and injured two. These accidents occurred only a little more than a week after the previous fatal accident along the border. The accidents are sparking a conversation among citizens and law enforcement about safety issues along the expressway.

Since 1997, this 30-mile area has had 13,360 accidents, 3,029 injures and more than 100 deaths. Some locals have expressed concern over using their local expressway.

Why Does This Stretch Have So Many Traffic Accidents?

New Jersey drivers are growing increasingly upset about the tragic loss of life that continues to happen in this area, but it doesn’t appear that much has been done to improve the situation. This stretch has had a high number of fatal accidents since the late 90s. The problem isn’t new, and numbers aren’t improving.

Explanations for the cause of the danger vary depending on who you ask. Many blame the increased risk on congested traffic that covers much of the New Jersey expressway system. Others claim there are too few police officer in the area. Some point to a lack of railways to help reduce the number of large commercial vehicles on the expressway. Some simply blame a culture where reckless driving is tolerated.

How to Solve the Problem

There have been many suggestions as to how to solve the problem, such as better public transportation to cut traffic and reduce the number of large trucks on the road, an increase in policing and even changes to laws about tailgating and reckless driving.

There may be some disagreement as to what must be done, but we need to have a serious talk among New Jersey residents about our highway safety. There have been a large number of accidents on this stretch for nearly twenty years. It’s past time something is done about this.

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