Are Nursing Homes Safe From Fires?

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Unfortunately, it appears as though hundreds of nursing home facilities in the U.S. are failing to meet standards when it comes to fire safety prevention. burn-injuries

According to the Associated Press, despite a mandated August 2013 deadline to install sprinkler systems, 385 facilities in 39 states have failed to meet requirements set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The AP reported that the facilities are licensed to house more than 52,000 residents. CMS informed the facilities that they would not grant extensions to nursing homes who failed to meet standards.

“CMS and states are actively engaging with the rest of the facilities to verify their compliance with this regulation and will take appropriate actions for noncompliance to ensure the safety of residents,” the agency said, according to the AP.

Facilities that remain open despite not meeting the requirements could face potential fines and closure.

The AP reported that the mandates were enacted after two 2003 fires killed more than 30 people in Hartford, Connecticut and Nashville, Tennessee.

To view get information about a specific facility, you can visit the CMS site, by clicking here.

How Do I Hold a Nursing Home Liable for my Loved One’s Injuries or Death?

Sadly, many burn accidents and fires are caused by the poor decisions of other people, including the negligence of facilities in properly having safety measures in place.

If your loved one has experienced burn injuries or wrongful death because of a nursing home’s neglect, call our attorneys immediately. We can obtain damages to help you recover financially and emotionally, while holding the facility liable.

Donald G. Targan & Associates – Atlantic City Injury Attorneys

Targan Talk: ABC News estimates that resident abuse occurs at one in every three nursing homes in the U.S.


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