NJ State Troopers Expect an Uptick in Drunk Driving Accidents this Summer

Posted on June 15, 2016 at 11:15am by

Close-up car accidentOfficials with the State Police say that they are expecting a big uptick in drunk driving accidents now that summer is here. Police are preparing to step up DUI checkpoints throughout the state in order to discourage as many would-be drunk drivers as possible.

Captain Jones, a spokesman for the State Police, says that troopers will use crash data collected over recent years to identify problem areas, and will turn their focus there.

According to data collected from 2015, alcohol was involved in more than a third of crash-related fatalities in New Jersey. All told, 542 people were killed on New Jersey roads last year.

Jones has told drivers to be cautious this summer and expect to see more State Police on the roads than in previous years. He refused to give out specific locations of where troopers intend to set up checkpoints, but did say that their Facebook page would provide general areas they would be monitoring.

He and state officials hope that the increased presence of authorities and checkpoints will be enough to greatly reduce the number of fatal accidents this year, and encourage people who have been drinking to make smarter decisions.

To report a drunk driver, State Police ask that you call the aggressive driver tip line at #77 from a hands-free mobile device and provide a description of the vehicle and driver if possible.

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