How Do New Jersey Nursing Homes Rank For Care?

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Do you have family members who are nursing home residents? Your family member is probably vulnerable to the conditions of the home—the last thing you want to hear about is allegations of neglect or abuse coming from the facility. Photo of pills

Recently, the Asbury Park Press had an impressive story about federal data gathered through a system called Nursing Home Compare, which offers reports about the quality of care at more than 15,000 homes in America receiving Medicare or Medicaid payments.

As far as New Jersey is concerned, the 362 long-term care and rehabilitation facilities have some of the worst rankings in the country. According to the Park Press, the Garden State ties with Mississippi for having the fifth-highest rate of nursing home residents with bedsores. According to the report, for every 100 residents, on average, nearly eight have a pressure ulcer, or bedsore.

As far as rankings, only about one-third of the facilities in New Jersey received a five-star rating through Nursing Home Compare. To view the agency’s database, you can click here. You can search by a facility’s zip code and name.

Sadly, according to the Park Press, some advocates say the rating system may not be the best step in determining if a nursing home is safe, as much of the data involved is self-reported by a facility. While these facilities can face fines for not reporting incidents, many experts say the fines do not dissuade them.

Even though the ratings may not be a completely accurate for a facility and its safety, they can be used as a gauge for family members looking to place loved ones. Therefore, aside from these ratings, it may be a good idea to visit a facility and/or speak to other people in your community about the reputation of a home.

Speaking to an Attorney About Your Loved One’s Nursing Home Case

Remember, if your loved one suffers from injuries such as bedsores due to nursing home abuse or neglect, it may be in your best interest to speak to an attorney. In addition to these types of injuries, nursing homes have been fined for issues like medical malpractice, poor medical care and/or prescription drug errors.

You should speak to an attorney if a nursing home has injured your loved one. By holding a nursing home liable, not only would you assist your relative, you may be helping other residents who may be experiencing the same issues.

Donald G. Targan & Associates – Atlantic City Accident Attorneys

Targan Talk: ProPublica reported last year that one-in-three nursing home residents suffer from medication errors, infection or some other type of harm.


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