Medical Malpractice: Is My Healthcare Provider Disclosing Mistakes?

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Have you come out of your doctor’s office experiencing further issues with your health? Were you injured during a surgical procedure? Photo of an operating room

You should be aware that medical mistakes happen every day in the U.S. In fact, at least 210,000 U.S. hospital patients a year die from medical mistakes, according to the Journal of Patient Safety.

Medical malpractice is a serious issue in this country and something that should not be swept under the rug. Recently, National Public Radio reported that it is becoming common for health care providers to withhold medical mistakes.

According to a study conducted by ProPublica, patients who suffer injuries, infections or mistakes during medical care rarely get information about their health from their medical providers. According to the study, based on the responses of 236 patients:

  • Only 9 percent said the medical facility voluntarily disclosed the harm.
  • When officials did disclose harm, it was often because they were forced to.
  • Only 11 percent of patients or their family members reported getting an apology from a provider.
  • More than 30 percent reported paying bills related to the harm at an average cost of $14,024.

Can I File a Lawsuit If My Doctor Injures Me?

Remember, if a healthcare provider injures you, you have a right to have your case investigated and potentially file a lawsuit.

Our attorneys have recovered multi-million dollar verdicts for victims of medical malpractice. In one case, an obstetrician failed to order a pelvic test that would have shown the child was too large for a natural birth—instead the child’s head was crushed during a breached delivery.

We are here to fight for you. Seek justice if a healthcare provider has injured you.

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Targan Talk: Medical malpractice can include instances where a healthcare provider fails to diagnose an illness.


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