Medical Malpractice Case Accuses Care Center of Killing a Patient

Posted on February 1, 2016 at 11:48am by

Photo of surgeryA woman in Fayetteville is suing a healthcare professional and the facility he works for after a patient under their care ended up dying. The plaintiff is accusing Dr. Scott Allen Keffer and the Ansted Center of medical malpractice.

According to the lawsuit, the victim underwent hip replacement surgery in mid-November, but was readmitted to the hospital a month later due to an infection. After a having a small procedure to drain the infection, doctors decided that the victim would undergo a six week run of IV antibiotics, Vancomycin and Ceftaz.

The victim was discharged from the hospital and into the care of the Ansted Center, where she never received her doses of Ceftaz. A week later, the victim was again taken to the hospital, this time for a severe infection. Doctors ordered an irrigation of the wound and reordered the Vancomycin and Ceftaz treatment.

A few days later, the victim was again in the care of the Ansted Center, and again, the Ceftaz doctors say could help end the infection and save her life was not administered. After another six days at the Ansted Center, the victim was sent back to the hospital where doctors removed the hip hardware from her hip.

Unfortunately, the patient was never able to recover physically or mentally from this trip and was eventually transferred to the hospice wing. She died a few days later.

The plaintiff is adamant that the negligent actions of the people at the Ansted Center are directly responsible for the death of this woman who might have otherwise lived. Medical negligence should not be tolerated. A person whose very life is placed in the hands of healthcare professionals should be treated with the utmost respect and caution.

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