This Man’s First Act in 2016 Was to Die Saving a Woman in an Elevator Accident

Posted on January 13, 2016 at 11:50am by

Broken elevator concept with construction barrier and blank signA 25-year-old man in Manhattan is being called a hero since his first act of the new year was to die saving a woman during an elevator accident. The man was crushed to death by the malfunctioning elevator just after he was able to get the woman to safety.

Authorities say that the man and woman were on the elevator in an apartment on the Lower East Side when the lift got stuck on the third floor. After a moment, the elevator “buckled and began to descend.”

That’s when the victim pushed the woman out of the lift, seconds before the elevator collapsed. A witness at the scene told CBS New York that “the elevator started falling really, really slow,” adding that as soon as the woman was free, “the elevator just came down and it just crushed him.”

Witnesses and those standing nearby attempted to free the young man, but were unable to get to him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Another witness described the incident exactly like everyone else there, but was close enough to hear the man tell the woman he saved “Happy New Year” just before pushing her to safety.

The apartment building reportedly has a long history of complaints regarding elevator safety. It is unclear at this time if any legal action for premises liability is to be taken against the building for the elevator defect.

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