Man Killed by Elevator in Luxury Apartment Building

Posted on October 12, 2015 at 11:55am by

Broken elevator concept with construction barrier and blank signLike something out of a horror movie, a man was fatally crushed by an overloaded elevator in a luxury Brooklyn apartment building. The man tried to squeeze into an already packed elevator, which caused the lift to snap under the weight.

Police say the victim was there to visit his girlfriend. A close friend of the victim was also in the elevator during the incident. She recounted the incident for authorities saying that she, the victim, and another friend got onto an elevator already carrying nine passengers.

“We walked into the elevator and it just went down,” she said.

Just after the friends got into the lift and pressed the floor buttons, the elevator lurched downward before the doors had closed. The jerk threw the victim off-balance and launched half of his body into the elevator lobby. Holding on with his arms and torso outside the elevator and his legs dangling inside, the victim was in the worst possible position when the elevator dropped again.

The victim’s head and torso were crushed. Representatives from the Department of Buildings state that the elevator in question had been inspected and cleared recently. They suspect that the weight from so many people in the elevator caused the malfunction.  The elevator’s maximum carrying capacity is 2,100 pounds, according to city records.

Commissioner Rick Chandler said of the incident that “it’s possible that it may have been overloaded, and maybe the car was reacting in a way that’s not predictable. I have my full elevator staff here investigating all the mechanics that serve the elevator.”

While nothing can be done to restore the victim to his loved ones, steps can be taken to help prevent more accidents in the future.

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