Man Injured in Crane Accident Files $30M Claim Against NYC

Posted on March 28, 2016 at 11:34am by

Photo of construction areaA man who was injured in the February 5th crane accident in New York City has recently filed a lawsuit against the city to the tune of $30 million. Along with city, the plaintiff has plans to sue the crane’s operator, owner, and the owner of the property under construction.

The construction accident left one man dead and several others injured, leading to outcry for more safety regulations.

New Crane Safety Regulations in New York City

Prompted by this most recent tragedy, several new safety policies have been instated throughout the city. According to officials, local government has nearly doubled the fine amounts for safety violations on construction sites and during crane operations.

In addition, authorities have created a new task force dedicated solely to making sure that construction companies stay well within regulations.

Unfortunately, these new safety measures did not come soon enough to prevent the death of one man, and the injuries of others. One such injured individual has officially filed his claim against New York.

The plaintiff says he was sitting in his car when the crane collapsed and smashed his vehicle with him still inside. He suffered a fractured skull and spine. Doctors are still monitoring for brain damage and have said that surgery may be required in the future.

On the day of the accident, there were high winds which posed a threat to the stability of the crane. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff believes that the city and the construction company were fully aware of the dangers apparent, and chose to disregard the risks.

Construction companies and city officials must take the safety of construction workers and nearby citizens more seriously. The addition safety measures should have been in place long ago, but greed and complacency prevented it.


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