How to Keep Your Child Safe from Stroller Accidents

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birth-injury-medical-malpracticeStroller accidents are the cause of a disturbing amount of brain injuries in America. A recent study shows that roughly 17,000 children go to the hospital every year after getting hurt in a stroller or carrier accident. When these injuries occur they are nearly always serious in nature. 79 percent of stroller accidents and 65 percent of carrier accidents lead to hospitalization, and about 25 percent of them involve head or brain injuries.

While occasional scrapes and falls are a normal part of childhood, parents must find a way to put a stop to so many horrible accidents. Even children who recover well may struggle with long-term effects and problems due to their injuries.

How to Avoid Stroller Accidents:

  • Make sure the stroller fits your baby: Pick a stroller with a snug harness and always buckle it before setting out. Carefully read the manufacturing instructions to make extra sure your child is buckled in correctly.
  • Always lock your stroller: It’s not enough just to hit the brake on your stroller. Check that the brake device is locked into place. This will stop the stroller from rolling away into danger.
  • Never hang anything on the stroller handles: Some busy parents will hang things such as shopping bags on their strollers while they move. Avoid this. Instead, put any extra items in the basket underneath, since hanging items can cause the stroller to tip. As a side note, never allow children to hang or climb on strollers either.
  • Buy a shorter stroller: Avoid tall strollers with a high center of gravity. They are more likely to fall, and if they do, your child will fall a longer distance. Shorter is better; it’s harder to tip and lower to the ground.
  • Check outstanding recalls: Before you buy or borrow a stroller, make sure there are no outstanding recalls or safety complaints. If there is a safety issue with the product, it’s better to know upfront than after a tragic accident.

With the exception of the occasional freak accident, the vast majority of stroller injuries are preventable. Following these tips can hugely reduce the chance that you will ever need to make that nightmare trip to the emergency room.

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