Is My Car’s Airbag Safe?

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As we have blogged about previously, millions of vehicles have been recalled due to Takata airbag inflators that could shoot metal shards at passengers. Photo of vehicle accident

Recently, Consumerist had a report about how driving with recalled airbags has been a frightening experience for many vehicle owners. In the piece, one man who owns a Honda CR-V affected by the recall said that he sits as far back from his steering wheel as he can while he is driving.

“About 18 inches from my face there is an explosive device which may or may not be there to save my life,” the man said, according to Consumerist. The reason why so many drivers are still driving recalled and potentially dangerous vehicles is that Takata has not produced replacement devices quickly enough to meet demands.

In the case of the CR-V owner, his local dealership told him that it could not replace the airbag yet because it is waiting for parts from Takata. Additionally, many owners have experienced delays caused by backups at dealerships, as a significant number of people have requested repairs.

To see if your vehicle has been involved in this recall, you can visit If your vehicle needs to be repaired due to a recall, we suggest speaking to your dealer if you have concerns about delays. Additionally, you may want to speak to the vehicle manufacturer directly and express your concerns if your dealer is not responsive.

As we have reported, several injury lawsuits have been filed across the country over the alleged airbag defects. In one case, a Florida man claimed that he suffered serious eye injuries when he was involved in a car accident and his airbag sprayed metal fabric at him.

You Can Hold a Defective Product Manufacturer Liable

As the case above shows, if you suffer personal injuries because of a failed auto part, you should contact an attorney. By filing a lawsuit against a manufacturer, you can make sure that it is held liable for producing dangerous products, sending it a message to do a better job testing items and materials in the future.

Continue following our blog for more information about defective product litigation. Have a great weekend!

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