Are Your Holiday Decorations Putting Your Family in Danger?

Posted on December 24, 2016 at 12:00pm by

Photo of child playingFirefighters have warned that holiday decorations such as Christmas lights can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. Having so many electric lights, candles and flammable decorations in one place can be an accident waiting to happen. To avoid starting a fire during your festivities, let’s go over a few basic safety ideas.

How to Avoid a Disaster with Your Holiday Decorations

  • Keep the tree far from the fireplace: Christmas trees can be a serious fire hazard, even if they are artificial. Make sure to place the tree a safe distance away from the fireplace, heaters and any other sources of extreme heat. If you have a natural tree, be especially careful. Evergreens will dry out very quickly, which makes them very flammable. Keep the stand filled with water, so that it doesn’t dry up, and place it a safe distance away from electrical outlets.
  • Buy safe lights: Not all lights are created equal. Check for lights that have been tested for safety by a recognized safety lab. You will also have to check on your old lights and throw out broken strings. Damaged Christmas lights are more likely to start an electrical fire.
  • Follow safety instructions: The safety instructions and warnings that come with decorations are there for a reason. Don’t plug more lights into an outlet than is recommended and don’t ignore safety warnings from the manufacturer. This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many accidents could be avoided if everyone did this.
  • Monitor lights: Regularly check on any lights in your home. This includes both Christmas lights and any lighting that connects to holiday cities, nativity scenes and other decorations. Be sure to turn the lights off anytime you are unable to monitor them.

Fire is always a worry during the holiday season. With family and friends gathered and the weather so cold, a fire would be an even bigger nightmare than usual. Stay safe out there this holiday.

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