Hit and Run Injures Four in New Jersey Boat Accident

Posted on September 21, 2016 at 11:37am by

Photo of surgeryThis past Labor Day weekend, four New Jersey residents were injured in a boat accident that the authorities are calling a case of hit and run.

The police reports say what they believe was a ski boat hit another vessel and injured all four of its passengers. Both the men aboard the ship suffered from serious head injuries and are now in critical condition. The two women onboard were also injured, but the doctors say their injuries are not life threatening.

Witnesses say that the boat approached extremely quickly and without warning, hit them, and then drove away before anyone had the chance to identity it.

The police say that the area has a 15 mile per hour speed limit. Clearly, the unknown boat was traveling much faster than that. Police and other authorities have been on the lookout for any boats with damages, but have not yet located the perpetrators.

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The police have not yet located the driver responsible for the accident, but when they do, this is a clear case of hit and run. The boat was driving recklessly, far above the speed limit, and put everyone else on the water in danger. Additionally, after harming these other people so severely, the driver drove away rather than stopping to exchange information or provide any assistance to the injured people. The passengers had to let a friend drive in order to make it back to land safely.

In cases like this one, where people are seriously hurt due to the negligence of another driver, the law has protections in place to help victims seek justice. The injured family could press charges in order to get their medical expenses covered, as well as additional funds for lost wages, boat repairs and pain and suffering. Cases like this one can help victims of injuries get back on their feet, and they can even deter people from continuing to put others in danger. Hopefully, the driver of the lost boat will be found and these people will find justice.

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