Has Tracy Morgan Settled His Truck Accident Lawsuit?

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Updating a series of blog posts that we have been reporting over the past year, comedian Tracy Morgan has settled his lawsuit against Wal-Mart following a truck accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury. Photo of courtroom

According to the Washington Post, Morgan praised the agreement, saying, “[it] did right by me and my family, and for my associates and their families.” Terms of the settlement were not made public.

On June 7, 2014, Morgan was a passenger in a limo bus that was struck from behind by a Wal-Mart tractor-trailer on the New Jersey Turnpike. The accident left Morgan with a head injury, broken leg and broken ribs. Additionally, it killed Morgan’s longtime friend and fellow comedian James McNair.

Morgan filed his truck accident lawsuit in July 2014. The company initially tried to fight the lawsuit by claiming that Morgan was not wearing a seatbelt—this led to the comedian publicly shaming the company for the legal approach, saying he could not believe Wal-Mart was “blaming me for an accident that they caused,” in a statement.

The driver of the truck has been charged with vehicular homicide. Police say that he did not sleep for at least 24 hours prior to the crash.

Contact a Lawyer Following a Violent Truck Accident

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Although the terms of this settlement were not disclosed to the public, the statement Morgan issued leads us to believe that it was quite substantial. Following a truck accident, you may need physical therapy or rehabilitation to overcome your injuries, which can be extremely expensive. Any money obtained through a settlement or verdict may help you recover following a truck accident.

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Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/05/28/tracy-morgan-settles-with-wal-mart-after-crash/


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