GM Ignition Switch Recall: Have Injury Claims Increased?

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Updating a previous blog post, millions of General Motors vehicles have been recalled over defective ignition switches and the company has setup a claims system for victims, as death and injury numbers have mounted. Photo of car accident

According to Reuters, as of last week, GM had received 4,237 compensation claims, according to the administrator of the company’s program. The news outlet reported that of the claims, 462 were for deaths, 282 were for catastrophic injuries and 3,493 were for less-serious injuries requiring hospitalization.

Kenneth Feinberg, the claims administrator, said that the company had 52 death, eight severe injury and 71 other claims that it deemed as eligible for compensation. He said that 501 claims were dismissed because of issues, while 1,143 were under review.

The remaining claims reportedly lacked paperwork or evidence. The company has reportedly set aside $400 million for claims compensation. The faulty ignition switches can allegedly cause a key to fall out of the device and/or shut down the vehicle’s motor.

Should I Contact an Attorney About a GM Claim?

While GM may appear to be acting proactively when it comes to injury claims, it should be noted that some advocates think the number of claims relating to the recall are being underreported. Additionally, the company set a January 31 deadline for claims, although many experts think there may be an extension.

If you or your loved one were in a crash involving a defective GM vehicle, it may be in your best interest to speak to an attorney before contacting the company. This is especially true given that the claim deadline recently passed, meaning your only way to seek compensation may now be through a lawsuit. An attorney could independently investigate your case and determine the amount of compensation you may be entitled to, prior to a GM offer.

Remember, it is not in GM’s financial interest to pay out a large sum of money to victims—having an attorney represent you may prove to be incredibly important in determining how much money you could receive. Keep following our blog or visit us on Facebook for more information about defective auto part recalls.

We will update you about the ongoing ignition recall effort as more information becomes available. As a reminder to readers, if you ever have questions about a vehicle and potential recalls, you should visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) database and search by a VIN number.

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Targan Talk: The GM ignition switch recall involves more than 2.59 million vehicles, including Chevrolet Cobalts and Saturn Ions.


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