Girl Killed in USPS Mail Truck Pedestrian Accident

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Sadly, according to CBS New York, a USPS mail truck struck and killed a toddler and seriously injured a woman in Elizabeth on July 20. Close-up car accident

The news outlet reported that the accident involved a 3-year-old girl, her grandmother and her 1-year-old brother. They were reportedly trying to cross the street at the intersection of Rahway Avenue and Chilton Street when the accident occurred. The grandmother was reportedly carrying the girl in her arms and had the boy by her side when the USPS truck turned a corner and hit them.

Witnesses said the girl flew out of her grandmother’s arms. Tragically, she was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. The boy and his grandmother were also transported to the hospital for treatment, with both expected to live.

The accident remains under investigation. The USPS employee stayed at the scene of the incident.

Having a Pedestrian Accident Investigated by Our Atlantic City Injury Attorney

This accident should serve as a reminder that pedestrian crashes often cause death and catastrophic injuries, as there are very few protections for people walking near roadways.

Pedestrian accidents are often avoidable. They occur for a number of reasons including distracted and drunk driving, as well as issues with a lack of sidewalks and crosswalk enforcement in certain areas.

If you or your loved one has experienced personal injuries in a pedestrian accident, speak to our Atlantic City car crash lawyers. We can investigate your case and determine if a driver’s inattention played a role in the crash or if there were a lack of options to cross the road where the incident occurred.

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