Four Construction Workers Killed in a Crane Accident

Posted on January 18, 2016 at 11:29am by

Photo of construction areaA construction accident in October last year resulted in the wrongful deaths of four construction workers and injured 11 others.

The men had been building a parking garage on a Miami Dade College campus, and had recently completed the fourth out of five stories. Students on the nearby campus say the ground shook when the $24 million concrete structure collapsed.

Two men were pronounced dead at the scene, another died in the hospital after both of his legs were amputated, and a fourth was later found in the rubble. At least 11 other men were also injured on the scene.

Soon after the accident, it was revealed that a crane accident had occurred just two days prior to the collapse, and may have been at least partially responsible. A crane reportedly struck one of the support columns, which could have made it unstable.

A managing contractor on the project is adamant that an inspection took place and cleared the column in question, but an attorney for the family of one of the victims is sure that the crane accident was at least partially responsible.

In addition to the column struck by the crane, another column close by was not completed, making the structure even less stable. The plaintiffs are now sure that the construction accident was the result of a combination of the crane accident and the unfinished column.

“There was an accident to the column next to it – B-3 didn’t have any cement. B-2 was hit by a crane. It shifted the entire building. So when it shifts the building, the column without any cement eventually collapses like a house of cards and kills four men and injures many other people,” said the plaintiff’s attorney.

The judge presiding over the case made sure to emphasize during a meeting last week that a priority of the proceedings should be to test the stability and safety of what remains of the parking garage.


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