Family Sues AC Casino Following Vehicle Accident

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Previously, we have discussed how Atlantic City casinos have overserved alcohol to guests, leading to issues with intoxicated customers and vehicle accidents. Photo of slot machine

Remember, casinos that overserve alcohol or do a poor job monitoring patrons can be held liable for car accidents that may occur. If you have been injured or have had a loved one killed due to a drunk driving accident, it may be a good idea to speak to an attorney. This is especially true in Atlantic City, where a lawyer can determine if casino negligence may have played a role in your wreck.

Keep in mind, if you can prove that another driver was served alcohol by a bar or casino when he or she was clearly intoxicated, then you may be able to hold both parties liable. Additionally, if you can prove that the driver was asked to leave an establishment when he or she was clearly intoxicated prior to an accident, you may be able to hold the establishment liable.

An experienced attorney can investigate your case and not only determine if the recklessness of a driver played a role in your accident, but also if the overserving of alcohol by a casino played a role in the crash.

Family Sues the Tropicana After Boy Dies in Crash

We bring up casino negligence because recently NBC News reported that the mother of a boy killed in a vehicle accident has filed a $30 million lawsuit against the Tropicana Casino.

According to the news outlet, Shaina Davis-Holder claims that the Tropicana failed its legal and moral obligation after her son was killed. She claims that her son, Syncere, was in the care of family members who were visiting the casino in 2014.

The friends and family members were allegedly drinking free drinks supplied by the casino when they were asked to leave. The boy and five other people then got into a pickup truck that crashed on an expressway, resulting in fatalities.

Davis-Holder said that the casino should not have kicked the family members out of the establishment in the middle of the night. The family said that it was accused of having underage members gamble prior to being asked to leave.

Filing a Lawsuit Following a Vehicle Accident

Remember, there are no excuses for a casino to overserve guests who are clearly intoxicated. Establishments must take into account the safety of the public before continuing to serve guests alcohol or asking them to leave.

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