Everything You Need to Know to Get Started on Disability Benefits

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Brain scanIt’s unfortunate, but every year thousands of people are injured or fall ill, making it impossible to obtain and hold onto a decent job. It’s for instances such as this that Social Security Disability Income was created.

SSDI, as it is commonly called, allows people to collect disability benefits from the government to help support themselves and their family members if they are unable to work. If you are injured through a work accident, for example, you may well be eligible for these benefits.

Before you start filling out the paperwork, we’ve summarized some of the more important things you need to know before you file for SSDI.

How Do I Qualify for SSDI?

Before you can be approved for SSDI payments, you will have to meet a number of requirements. That means that your health, finances and history will be examined prior to a decision being made.

  • Your medical condition, whether physical or mental, has to be diagnosed by a certified doctor.
  • Your diagnosis has to be confirmed as prohibiting you from being able to maintain a job.
  • Your condition has to be one that lasts more than a year. A broken arm, for example, generally will not qualify because it does not normally take a year to recover.
  • You must not be previously trained in another job that you could switch to and would not be limited by your injury.
  • Your finances will be reviewed to make sure you don’t have an income of more than $1,090 per month without a job.
  • Your assets will also be evaluated, such as your car and home.
  • You will have to have worked for half of your adult life or more. This changes depending on your age, meaning that the younger you are, the less you will have had to work to qualify.

Can I Get Help?

The entire SSDI process is extremely complicated and can be very tiring and stressful. Dealing with the application process, gathering documents, and filing them can be a lot, especially in this difficult time.

In addition, these applications are often intentionally vague or confusing in order to force errors. Any small mistakes in the process could lead to your application being rejected. Many applicants are rejected the first time they apply, forcing them to file an appeal. Talk to an experienced attorney who can help you find and eliminate mistakes the first time through.

Call or fill out an online form for a free consultation, and find out how an Atlantic City personal injury attorney can help you.


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