Egg Harbor Mayor’s Son Admits to Distracted Driving During Crash

Posted on January 27, 2016 at 11:56am by

Photo of car accidentThe Egg Harbor Township mayor’s son recently crashed his father’s Cadillac into a parked car. He admitted to distracted driving, saying that he had been texting at the time of the crash. Thankfully, there was nobody inside the parked Subaru at the time, and nobody was injured.

However, car accidents such as this are a blight and could have resulted in serious injury or even death. Distracted driving causes thousands of accidents every year, and hundreds of deaths.

Questions of favoritism have come up now after it became known that the mayor’s sun was not issued a summons. Township police spokesperson Lt. Robert Gray has praised Patrolman Joseph Griffiths, the officer on the scene, for being “straight as an arrow.”

The spokesperson is adamant that police do not issue a summons for every accident and that no favoritism was shown towards the mayor’s son.

The collision was forceful enough to nearly total both vehicles, caving in the driver side of the Subaru and breaking the wheels off of the front axle of the mayor’s car, but no charges were filed by the owner of the parked car.

Fines for Distracted Driving

In New Jersey, first-time offenders are fined between $200 and $400 for using a hand-held phone while driving. Second-time offenders get $400 to $600, and those caught for a third or more time are subject to a $600 to $800 fine and three points off of their license. Third time offenders could also have their license suspended.

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