Are Drunk Driving Accidents a Problem in New Jersey?

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Sadly, there are usually more than 125 alcohol-related traffic fatalities in New Jersey each year. fatal-car-accidents

There is no excuse for drunk driving. There are multiple ways you can avoid this deadly decision, including using public transportation, taxis and/or having a designated driver.

Keep in mind, 25 percent of all fatal car accidents in New Jersey in 2009 involved alcohol-impaired drivers. Drivers who drink and kill other people can face not only criminal charges, but can be held liable via a wrongful death lawsuit.

Criminally, in New Jersey, any driver operating a vehicle with a BAC of .08 or above can be convicted of driving under the influence (DUI). So before you drink and drive, make sure you understand the consequences, as it could cost you your life, a tremendous amount of money and potentially time in prison.

Unfortunately, on October 13, an allegedly intoxicated driver caused a four-car, chain-reaction accident in Bridgeton. The woman who was arrested reportedly struck a parked car, causing that car to hit another parked car, before hitting another parked car.

Thankfully, nobody was injured except for the allegedly intoxicated driver. Nevertheless, as this case shows, alcohol can have a severe impact on your ability to operate a vehicle.

Can I File a Lawsuit If a Drunk Driver Hits Me?

If your loved one has experienced serious personal injuries or has been killed in a drunk driving accident, contact our law firm today. We can investigate his or her case and determine if a driver’s carelessness played a role in the crash.

For more information, contact our injury attorneys today.

Donald G. Targan & Associates – Atlantic City Injury Attorneys

Targan Talk: In 2009, 53 percent of the drunk drivers involved in accidents had a blood alcohol concentration of .15 or above in New Jersey.


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