Dr. Frankenstein: The Scariest Medical Malpractice Cases Ever

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Photo of courtroomMedical malpractice is a terrifying subject. The thought that something could go wrong during an operation due to negligence or malicious intent is enough to make any patient nervous. The fear is completely justifiable when you look at these horrific medical malpractice cases from the past.

  1. Lunging to false conclusions. A patient came in with complaints of chest pain, a normal enough symptom that could be a sign of any number of possible conditions, most of which are minor. However, the doctor in this case immediately misdiagnosed severe lung cancer and scheduled an emergency operation to remove the entire lung.
  2. You’re welcome, Bro. One young woman was born with external genitalia that did not clearly enough define that she was indeed a she, so Christiane grew up as an awkward boy named Thomas. When the doctor started her operation for an appendix issue and came across ovaries, he removed them without consulting anyone. It wasn’t until 30 years later that Thomas learned of the malpractice and was awarded a hefty amount of cash.
  3. That’s my good leg. One unfortunate man in Florida was told that he had to have one leg amputated, but when he woke up from the operation he had no legs. Not only did the medical staff hack off the wrong leg before moving on to the correct leg, but the planned amputation turned out to be unnecessary in the first place. That man was awarded more than $1 million in damages.
  4. To the left, to the left. In 2007, a neurosurgeon operated on the wrong half of a patient’s brain not one, not two, but three different times. The patient died after the third scrambling, and healthcare officials are still flabbergasted by the case.
  5. A dicey situation. One doctor was apparently having a really bad day when he became enraged while operating on an unconscious man. The nurse testified that the physician sliced off the penis of the patient and chopped it up into pieces on the table before storming off. Wow.

These are just a few of the horrific cases that have happened over the years. Always be wary of what your doctors are doing. Ask questions and be sure to understand what is happening if your doctor recommends a certain procedure.

“Heavy misfortunes have befallen us, but let us only cling closer to what remains and transfer our love for those whom we have lost to those who yet live.” – Mary Shelly, Frankenstein

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