When a Doctor Lies to Cover Up Medical Malpractice

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medical-malrpractice-lawsuitIt’s nothing new for people to want to cover up their mistakes, but the popular saying about the cover up being worse than the crime rings especially true when it comes to medical malpractice. Dr. Ricardo Quarrie, a resident surgeon at Yale Hospital in Connecticut, is learning the hard way that lying is bad.

The woman who has filed a lawsuit against the fibbing physician went in for an operation to remove one of her ribs, her eighth rib to be specific, because of a lesion. She went home from the hospital with the impression everything had gone swimmingly, but soon realized she was still experiencing a great deal of pain. She went to have a follow-up X-ray with a different doctor who quickly noticed the problem.

Dr. Quarrie had removed the wrong rib. Not only that, but he had also left behind some metal coils used in the surgery. When the woman questioned Dr. Quarrie, he was quick to defend himself, saying that he hadn’t removed the wrong rib, but just hadn’t removed enough of it. Lies!

The doctor who discovered the medical error scheduled the woman for a new operation the next day. This time, the correct rib, the eighth one, was successfully removed along with the metal coils Dr. Quarrie had misplaced.

An attorney working on behalf of the patient claimed that she was adamant she would not have filed any lawsuit if it weren’t for the lying. She will no doubt be seeking compensation for medical expenses as well as pain and suffering.

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  1. Avatar for Kathryn Hernandez Kathryn Hernandez says:

    I have chronic sinusitis. I have been on antibiotics for yrs. I had a surgery back in the early 90’s for an aneroebic infection. Last yr(2016) my new primary Dr gave me a name of an ENT. I went to him. He examined me& said he saw a fungal ball in the rt nostril. I freaked as I didn’t feel sick. I figured maybe this is my cause of so many infections so I went for some pics. I was also told before these pics that I required surgery so I went. I felt ok for a few visits then fell ill. I told the Dr. To my dismay(and shock) he told me I WASN’T sick! He said I was only thinking I was due to a rotator cuff tear that I have&i need to get it repaired immediately! He also removed 2 stents(my word for them) from the rt nostril. One came out easily but the 2nd one was imbedded. So he didn’t earn me,the jerk just tore it out! It was full of weird looking mucous. My husband saw it
    I didn’t know how to get well. I went to the primary Dr who put me on cipro for one week. He then went on vacation. It didn’t work so I decided to see the surgeons associates. 2 tried treating me to no avail. One other said I was fine! I returned to the surgeon approx 4 times trying to get him to help me. The primary ordered a CT scan. There were alot of findings. By then I felt terrible so I desperately returned to the surgeon who finally referred me to an allergist because I’m allergic. I had scratch tests&a consult. By then I began vomiting up thick mucous lined with yellow. The allergist treated me for a bone infection&a trachea. Those cleared up but I continued to have bad headaches&the feeling of a sinus issue. I began to feel bummed out not knowing where to turn. The allergist sent me to a neurologist who wanted me to get a brain scan& gave me meds. I know my own body so I told him I felt it was my sinuses&stopped going. The allergist ordered another CT scan&said I was fine. I requested a comparison of his CT scan with my other one but none was done even though I signed a form asking for this. On both CT scans next to comparisons,it states NONE AVAILABLE! I needed help so I went to a different ENT Dr. I had to have a 2nd operation! He connected 2 holes to allow proper drainage. It worked except I am having pain when air enters so he prescribed a spray. It doesn’t help much so I began dabbing a cream on the inside that he prescribed before I had his surgery. It’s an antibiotic cream
    It’s helping. I see him tomorrow for a follow up. I told the primary my story&that I was shocked to learn Drs cover up for each other! He actually told me that this is true! I will never be the same now physically not mentally. I also have a bad back&an auto-immune disease. It is my opinion that surgeon#1 looks at patients for monetary gain! He checks out your vehicle too. As God is my witness….

    • Avatar for Targan & Pender P.C. Targan & Pender P.C. says:

      Hi, Kathryn. Thank you for your comment. Please reach out to our attorneys at (609) 348-1106 to discuss your situation further.

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