Could Bicycle Safety Curriculum Reduce Accidents?

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In Ocean City, where people often use bicycles to travel around the boardwalk, high school students have begun to participate in bicycle safety classes. Photo of digital image

According to ShoreNewsToday, the classes are aimed at encouraging teens to ride their bicycles safely throughout the area, focusing on items like safety, fitness and skills. Two Ocean City High School physical education teachers lead the classes, which currently have about 40 students enrolled.

The students ride on beach cruisers, which were provided by the Sea Isle City Board of Education. The teachers said that they hope biking becomes a regular component of each student’s life following the course. All students at the school have access to the class and the teachers are working directly with the Ocean City Police Department to teach about safety, including the rules of the road.

Safety is Important as More People Bicycle

It is great news that these students are receiving bicycle safety education. In 2012, more than 49,000 cyclists sustained injuries nationwide in crashes reported to local law enforcement agencies, and more than 600 bicyclists were killed.

Link to previous blog post, the rate of fatal bicycle accidents occurring now is outpacing the rate of fatal vehicle accidents—in some large cities, there have been double digit increases in the percentage of fatal bicycle accidents happening over the last decade.

Of the bicyclists killed in crashes with motor vehicles in 2012, the average age of the cyclist was 43—this is significantly older than what it was in 1988, when the average age was 24. Learning safety skills at a young age can help prevent accidents later in life.

Discussing a Bicycle Accident with an Attorney

Sadly, although some cyclists take an abundance of safety precautions, many fall victim to reckless drivers. When this occurs and someone is injured or killed, speaking to an attorney can make a world of difference in terms of your recovery. You or your family may have legal rights following a bicycle accident, including the ability to hold a driver liable.

If your loved one is suffering from serious personal injuries in bicycle accident, like broken bones, a brain injury or Link to information about spinal cord injury, or has died, our Atlantic City injury attorneys offer compassionate counsel.

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