Are Your Children Receiving Adequate Supervision While You’re at Work?

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Now that summer is here, it is important to make sure your children have adequate supervision while you’re away. Most parents still work full days during the summer. So, sometimes children will be left with a babysitter for up to eight hours. It will be comforting to know your child is safe and receiving the level of care they deserve.

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What Does Adequate Supervision Look Like?

There are four main parts involved in determining adequate child supervision. Going over these with a new babysitter will help them be aware of how to best care for your children. If both you and the babysitter are on the same page as to what is required there will be fewer mistakes and confusion.

  • Age: Most people will understand that a child in the first grade will need more assistance than a child in the sixth grade. However, reiterating this to someone with little babysitting experience can’t hurt.
  • Degree of Experience: A child who has taken many swim lessons will not need as much help as a child who rarely goes to the pool. But, anytime children are near a pool, being extra cautious is suggested.
  • Current Activity: Children engaging in physical activities are more likely to fall and get injured. Some activities may be more hazardous than others, such as sports or anything with potentially dangerous playground equipment.
  • External Influences: We have little control over the outside world. So, keeping an eye out for things like vehicles, unfamiliar adults and aggressive children is recommended.

If you believe your child has been injured due to inadequate supervision, contact Donald G. Targan & Associates. for a free initial consultation.

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