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What If I Am Injured in a Construction Accident in NJ?

Earlier this month, a worker lost his life as a result of a construction accident in New Jersey. Per a WPIX-TV report, the worker was cleaning out the cement mixer on a truck when he was caught under the mixer’s drum, resulting in fatal injuries. Are Families of Construction Workers Killed on the Job Eligible for Workers’ Comp? Construction accidents can happen because of the negligence of a construction company, product manufacturer or a third party, such as a contractor or subcontractor. In some cases, the families of employees killed in construction accidents may be able to secure workers’ compensation benefits in the wake of the incident. However, the workers’ comp process can be slow and complicated. In addition, in many situations, applicants are denied benefits and must turn to the appeal process to recover workers’ comp benefits. Workers’ compensation may not be the only option for the families of…
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Are There Safety Measures to Prevent People from Falling Off Escalators?

Recently, an escalator accident at the World Trade Center’s Oculus claimed the life of a 29-year-old New Jersey woman. Per, the woman, who was a resident of Hudson County, fell off the escalator as she attempted to grab a hat her twin sister had dropped. After falling over the side of the escalator, she fell to the main concourse. The 29-year-old woman was taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment, where she was later pronounced dead. What Safety Measures Are in Place to Prevent Escalator Accidents? While there are safety measures, such as handrails and emergency stop buttons, to help prevent escalator accidents, there is no way to avoid an escalator accident that occurs due to a manufacturer or property owner’s negligence. Tips for Staying Safe While Riding an Escalator Here are tips for safely riding properly maintained and operated escalators: Always leave one hand free to grip the handrail…
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Would Installing Black Boxes Improve Safety and Help Prevent Crane Accidents?

A new development stemming from the Tribeca crane accident case could drastically improve crane safety in New York, and hopefully the rest of the country. An attorney who works for the widow of the man killed in last February’s construction accident has voiced support of a new city bill that could see black boxes installed in cranes and other heavy machinery. These black boxes are recording devices which could provide valuable information in the event of a malfunction or crash. With the information gathered by these boxes, safety officials could theoretically make more educated decisions to improve the safety of heavy equipment such as cranes. Common Causes of Crane Accidents Crane accidents can be caused by any number of factors, or a combination of them. Some of the more common causes include: Strong winds Operator error Equipment malfunction Operating in bad weather Improper training Communication breakdowns These are just some…
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