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Product liability lawsuits typically revolve around cases involving defective, poorly designed, or improperly advertised products that do harm to a person or persons.

Is It Safe to Use Sparklers and Fireworks in New Jersey?

According to the Courier-Post, the Garden State’s Senate recently approved a bill that would allow the use of non-exploding fireworks in New Jersey. Reportedly, under the proposed law, it would no longer be illegal to sell or possess non-exploding fireworks or sparklers in New Jersey. Non-exploding fireworks, or “novelties” as they are referred to in the bill, include smoke devices, snakes, party poppers, glow worms, drop pops and snappers. The bill does not allow the sale of sparklers or “novelties” to anyone under 16 years old. The bill is not law yet. First, the Assembly must pass the bill, and after that, Governor Chris Christie must sign it into law. However, if both those things happen soon enough, then the new law could go into effect in time for July 4th. Is It Safe to Use Sparklers and Non-Exploding Fireworks? Even if “novelties” and sparklers do not explode, there is…
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Are Used Car Dealers Failing to Disclose Vehicle Safety Problems to Consumers?

What if an auto dealership did not tell you about serious vehicle safety problems before selling you a car or truck? According to a recent report in the New Jersey Herald, that may not be just some ‘what if’ scenario for some consumers. Instead, disturbingly, it could be how business is conducted at many used car dealerships in the US. Are Dealerships Keeping Car Buyers in the Dark About Dangerous Auto Defects? Per the report in the New Jersey Herald, New York’s Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, announced that the results of an investigation his office conducted led to some startling findings. Reportedly, the New York Attorney General’s office discovered that hundreds of vehicles in New York had been sold to car buyers without the dealership disclosing to the consumers that the vehicles they were purchasing had unrepaired auto defects. The defects were part of auto recalls for serious issues, such…
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Is the Atlantic City Boardwalk’s Polarcoaster Going to Be Safe?

Per The Press of Atlantic City, the former site of the Sands casino will soon have a new resident in the form of a 350-foot vertical rollercoaster called the Polarcoaster. Construction on the amusement park is expected to begin later this year and plans are for the Polarcoaster to be open to the public in Summer 2019. The Polarcoaster should bring much-needed revenue to Atlantic City. However, it is important that the safety of those building, operating and riding the Polarcoaster take priority over economic concerns. A rollercoaster accident at a Six Flags in Maryland proves these rides can and do falter, and when they do, it endangers lives. After the Joker’s Jinx rollercoaster at Six Flags in Prince George’s County, Maryland became stuck, 24 passengers were stranded hanging at a 30-degree angle 80 feet in the air for over three hours. Firefighters responding to the scene had to use…
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