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Is There Dangerous Bacteria in the Water at Beaches in New Jersey?

The Asbury Park Press has been featuring reports on the water quality of Jersey Shore beaches, including whether there is dangerous bacteria in the water at beaches in New Jersey. Is It Safe to Swim at Beaches in New Jersey? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, of the 180 million people expected to visit beaches in the US this year, an estimated three to four million will get sick from swimming in tainted water at the beach. Health departments in New Jersey take samples from the water at our beaches every week and test it for dangerous substances. Most notably, they test the water for enterococcus, a bacteria that is found alongside warm-blooded animal waste. Enterococcus is considered a red flag for viruses that cause rashes and stomach sicknesses. In 2016, 1 in 25 samples tested in labs came back as unsafe for swimming, which was the most since…
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Is It Safe to Buy Kerosene at Gas Stations in Cape May County?

Understandably, when people buy kerosene at gas stations, they expect to be sold kerosene. However, after an incident at a gas station in Cape May County involving a kerosene purchase, people may want to double check their kerosene purchases from now on. According to the Ocean City Patch, Middle Township Police are searching for anyone who purchase kerosene at Riggins Gas Station on Route 9 South (also known as Main Street) in Cape May Court House, New Jersey between April 24 and May 10. Reportedly, a shipment of gasoline delivered on April 24 was mistakenly placed into the gas station’s kerosene tank. Per the Ocean City Patch report, 85 gallons of the mixture of gas and kerosene was sold before the mistake was discovered. If used, the dangerous combination poses an extreme fire and explosion risk. Options for Victims of Explosions and Their Families An explosion can result in massive…
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Is It Dangerous to Drive on Bridges in Cape May County?

Are the bridges in Cape May County falling apart? According to report in The Press of Atlantic City, they appear to be and lawmakers are struggling to come up with the funding necessary to fix the problem, which could lead to car accidents and pedestrian injuries. What’s Wrong with the Bridges in Cape May County? Per the report in The Press of Atlantic City, structural issues involving the bridges in Cape May County have been a problem for a while. Many of the bridges are older, which results in them constantly needing to be repaired. For instance, Townsends Inlet bridge had to be shut down recently after a large underwater crack was discovered, and last year, the 96th Street bridge was shut down for month due to the same issue. Both bridges are over 75 years old, and according to a county engineer The Press of Atlantic City spoke to,…
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