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Does My Doctor Have Medical Malpractice Insurance?

New Jersey Lawyers Explain the Recent Court Decision An injured patient who filed a medical malpractice lawsuit has had back pain for two decades. In 2005, the person he sued, an anesthesiologist, suggested that the patient have spinal surgery. The problem is that the anesthesiologist’s medical malpractice insurance omits spinal surgery from his coverage. The patient was unaware of the anesthesiologist’s lack of insurance, and after the surgery, he continued to have back pain due to an injured nerve. What Are the NJ Laws Regarding Medical Malpractice Insurance Coverage? New Jersey requires insurance for practicing physicians. The following are the dollar amounts for medical malpractice insurance coverage: $1 million per occurrence $3 million per policy year $500,000 letter of credit is available if coverage is not available In this specific case above, the defendant did not have any of these coverages. How Might the NJ Supreme Court Affect Medical Malpractice…
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Can Medical Malpractice Be Confidential?

Atlantic City Personal Injury Attorneys Explore Confidentiality According to a ruling last month by the New Jersey Supreme Court, hospitals have a legal right to some confidentiality in the event of a medical malpractice lawsuit. A 4-3 court decision upheld the Patient Safety Act of 2004, which encouraged hospitals to learn from their mistakes in order to prevent them from happening again. Therefore, they are not required to release information on their own internal examination of any potential malpractice. Why is Medical Malpractice Confidentiality Allowed? The reason behind the decision is to protect persons who may be at fault for a malpractice incident. Proponents of the Patient Safety Act argue that confidentiality allows the person who made the mistake to speak freely about his or her errors. They claim that the threat of impending punishment is likely to cause medical professional to cover their mistakes, which will not allow a…
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How Long Does it Take to Recover From a Car Accident?

An Atlantic City Injury Attorney Describes the Healing Process Depending on how severe the accident is, the recovery time for car accident injuries can vary wildly. What seem to be minor injuries can linger for years, and the emotional damage may never fully heal. As one recent story indicates, recovering from a car accident can be a lengthy journey. Tracy Morgan’s Road to Recovery On June 7, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan was involved in a massive car accident in New Jersey. He was in a limo, and five other vehicles sustained damage in the crash. The accident occurred when a Wal-Mart truck slammed into the back of their limo, according to traffic authorities. Morgan sustained broken nose, leg and several ribs. One passenger died in the accident, and three others were injured. Several victims and family members of the deceased man sued Wal-Mart for their injuries and losses. While…
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