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Will Lowering the Speed Limit in School Zones Help Keep Kids Safe?

Last month, a New Jersey Assembly committee advanced a bill that could lower the speed limit in school zones statewide. New Jersey 101.5 reported on the possible law change, including whether it would help make the roads around schools safer for kids. How Is This Bill Different from Current Laws That Lower the Speed Limit in School Zones? Under the proposed law change, counties and municipalities could implement permanent lower speed limits in school zones. This would differ from the current law, which only enables speed limits in school zones to be lower at certain times of the day when school is in session. In addition to municipalities and counties, the proposed law would allow the state to permanently lower speed limits in school zones if a local official requests the change. A previous version of the bill also proposed tripling fines for speeding in school zones. However, under this…
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Is the Atlantic City Boardwalk’s Polarcoaster Going to Be Safe?

Per The Press of Atlantic City, the former site of the Sands casino will soon have a new resident in the form of a 350-foot vertical rollercoaster called the Polarcoaster. Construction on the amusement park is expected to begin later this year and plans are for the Polarcoaster to be open to the public in Summer 2019. The Polarcoaster should bring much-needed revenue to Atlantic City. However, it is important that the safety of those building, operating and riding the Polarcoaster take priority over economic concerns. A rollercoaster accident at a Six Flags in Maryland proves these rides can and do falter, and when they do, it endangers lives. After the Joker’s Jinx rollercoaster at Six Flags in Prince George’s County, Maryland became stuck, 24 passengers were stranded hanging at a 30-degree angle 80 feet in the air for over three hours. Firefighters responding to the scene had to use…
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Is the Water in New Jersey’s Schools Safe?

A recent survey involving the safety of water in New Jersey schools produced some troubling results. The Press of Atlantic City conducted the survey, which found that of the 26 school districts that completed state-mandated water testing at the time, at least one source of drinking water in 13 of the school districts contained elevated levels of lead. Reportedly, in some cases, the elevated levels of lead could be traced to an issue within the sinks or water fountains. The Hamilton Township School District provided students with bottled water until they could repair the issue. Per The Press of Atlantic City report, school districts in New Jersey have until July to complete water-testing. According to the Mayo Clinic, lead poisoning in children can result in developmental delays, hearing loss, seizures, loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, abdominal pain and learning difficulties. What Can Parents Do If a School Is Responsible…
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