Is a Casino Responsible for a Guest’s Slip-and-Fall Injuries?

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Photo of a caution signIn late January, a woman filed a premises liability lawsuit against a casino. In her suit, she claims that she suffered slip-and-fall injuries while in the casino and that the casino is responsible, because the incident happened due to their negligence. Per the Louisiana Record, the woman was allegedly walking to the casino’s front entrance when she slipped and fell, which she blames on the casino failing to properly maintain the property. As a result of her fall, the woman suffered muscle and tissue injuries to her knees, back and neck.

What Should I Do If I Slip and Fall in a Casino?

Atlantic City has been a casino hub for decades. Each year, millions of people visit our city and pass through the doors of Atlantic City gambling establishments. Many of these people are tourists who are just here to enjoy a vacation. Therefore, it is extremely unfortunate when their vacation is ruined and their lives are thrown into chaos because a casino did not properly maintain its property. Whether it is something as simple as failing to display a wet floor sign on a freshly mopped floor, property owners and managers must be held accountable when their negligence results in someone suffering a severe or even permanent injury due to a slip and fall.

Slip-and-fall injury victims and their families should speak with an experienced premises liability attorney as soon as possible after the incident. Even if victims do not plan to file a lawsuit, it is important they make that decision after learning all the facts about their situation, including whether they have a case, what their legal rights are and what the best options are for them and their family moving forward. Our personal injury law firm offers free consultations where we will discussion your situation with you and answer your questions without any pressure to pursue a lawsuit.

Our New Jersey injury law firm has been defending the rights of injury victims in Atlantic City for decades, including recovering $4.5 million for a family after defective steps resulted in their child falling through plate glass and suffering severe lacerations and permanent scarring.

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