Casino Negligence: What Should I Do If a Security Guard Harms Me?

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As we have noted in our blog in the past, our Atlantic City personal injury attorneys have been extensively involved in casino negligence lawsuits. slot-machines1-300x199

We have worked with clients over injuries including the over-serving alcohol and unacceptable security, as the casinos have a duty to keep patrons safe. These lawsuits are not uncommon, as Atlantic City has many tourists visiting the casinos on a daily basis. These patrons should expect that their safety is a top priority for the casinos in the area.

Recently, the East Brunswick Sentinel reported that a woman has filed a lawsuit against Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort and other defendants, saying that she suffered physical, emotional and mental injuries after she was ejected from The Pool After Dark nightclub by security personnel.

The woman claims in her lawsuit that she was attempting to take photographs of the security officers who were escorting her out when she was placed in a holding cell and a struggle ensued, with a police officer allegedly placing his hands around her throat.

The lawsuit claims that the police officers named in the case were hired through the city by Harrah’s to work as security, with the plaintiff’s attorneys arguing that they were acting as officers at the time of the incident, and not as guards.

The woman claimed that the incident stemmed from her group asking for accommodations for club-goers within it who are visually impaired.

How Can I Speak to an Attorney about Casino Negligence?

Remember, if you experience issues at a casino in Atlantic City stemming from negligence, you should contact our experienced personal injury attorneys.

Casinos have a duty to keep patrons safe—this includes keeping them safe from alleged assaults involving guards and employees. Call our office today if you have suffered injuries, so that we may help you seek justice.

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