Could Carmakers Joining Forces Be the Key to Improving Auto Safety?

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Man working on a car engineThe Press of Atlantic City recently featured a report about a potential Toyota and Suzuki partnership and how automakers joining forces could possibly be a key to improving auto safety. In the Press of Atlantic City piece, Suzuki and Toyota had yet to agree to a partnership, but were in discussions. Reportedly, the potential partnership would be built on the carmakers’ desire to work together to take the ecological and safety technology in their vehicles to a higher level, including:

  • Suzuki adding electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles to its fleet
  • Toyota and Suzuki adding self-driving cars to their lineups
  • The automakers supplying each other with components and products
  • Suzuki and Toyota sharing the cost of developing futuristic safety and eco-friendly automotive technology

What Types of Auto Defects Cause Car Accidents?

There are many different types of automotive defects. In some cases, an auto defect does not create a safety risk to motorists. An example of a vehicle defect that does put drivers’ and passengers’ safety at risk is if the paint on a car or truck is defective. Generally, a paint defect, such as if the paint fades, peels or cracks, because of poor quality, is more about vehicle’s appearance than its safety.

However, in many cases, auto defects do put the safety and lives of vehicle occupants in danger, including:

  • Dangerous airbags, such as airbags that explode or do not inflate
  • Defective brakes, which can result in brake failure
  • Seat belts that do not properly restrain vehicle occupants
  • Tire failure that leads to blowouts

If an automotive defect is the cause of a car accident or injury, survivors and the families of fatal injury victims, can often hold carmakers and auto part manufacturers accountable for their negligence through a product liability lawsuit.

Our New Jersey injury law firm has a long record of accomplishment that includes several favorable verdicts and settlements. We secured a $2.9 million product liability settlement for a man who suffered a fatal burn injury after military explosive was mistakenly mixed with scrap metal and delivered to a recycling facility.

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