Car Crashes into Paramus Wendy’s, Injures Four

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Recently, two vehicles crashed into each other and then into a Wendy’s restaurant in Paramus. Photo of car accident

According to CBS New York, the accident occurred on September 2 when the drivers of both vehicles were headed east on Route 4, near Paramus Road. The driver of one vehicle was trying to get into the Wendy’s parking lot when the other vehicle allegedly cut it off, sending both automobiles crashing through the restaurant parking lot and into the establishment itself.

Four people inside the restaurant had to be taken to a hospital for injury treatment. “One of the drivers was in shock, crying,” a witness told CBS New York. The accident remains under investigation.

Bizarrely, in June, an SUV crashed into the same Wendy’s location, sending a worker to the hospital with injuries.

Why Do Vehicles Crash Into Businesses and Homes?

Unfortunately, a 2014 report in the Miami Herald indicated that vehicles crashing into buildings results in 10 serious injuries each day in the United States.

According to the Herald, the reason these accidents occur is often due to medical emergencies involving drivers, speeding, reckless driving and criminal activities such as drunk driving or police chases.

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