Are Cape May’s Beaches Dangerous?

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Photo of familyWhat is making Cape May beaches dangerous? A recent WKXW report raised concerns about the safety of the beaches in Cape May. Reportedly, the safety issues date back to the early ‘90s. Until 1991, there was no beach in Cape May. That year, the Army Corps of Engineers brought in 900,000 cubic yards of sand and created what is now Cape May’s main beach. The plan going forward was to replenish the beach with sand every two years for the next 50 years. However, because of the replenishment, there has been a severe drop off created.

Per WKXW, when waves crash into the Cape May beach, they chip away at the sand, resulting in the drop off. People, many of them surfers and bodysurfers, have suffered injuries because of the drop off. A bodysurfer suffered a broken neck on Poverty Beach because of the drop off in 2001. In 2012, a man drowned in North Wildwood when a tidal flow led to unstable sand collapsing beneath his feet. Two other men drowned in North Wildwood under similar circumstances in 2009.

Is Anything Being Done to Improve Safety on Cape May’s Beaches?

According to the WKXW story, in January, a permanent beach safety committee was created to find ways to make Cape May’s beaches safer. The committee wants to ensure that the beach replenishment program continues, but that it does not make Cape May beaches dangerous in the process. They are attempting to convince the Army Corps of Engineers and federal government to study the issue, so that a proper solution can be found. Until then, the committee is focusing on educating themselves and in turn the public about how to safely enjoy Cape May’s beaches.

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