Can I Sue if I’m Injured at the Gym?

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If you regularly go to the gym, then chances are you have some type of goal in mind. Maybe you want to work on overall your health or appearance. Perhaps you want to improve a health condition or your abilities as an athlete. You do not go to the gym expecting to be harmed. Unfortunately, gyms are not always the safest business establishments and there are multiple ways you could be hurt. Common hazards at your local gym could include:

  • Poorly maintained equipment: Depending on the establishment, there could be hundreds of people using workout machines each week. If gyms are not regularly maintaining their equipment, then guests could be seriously harmed. Equipment could also contain defects that injure you or other guests.
  • Poor sanitation: The surfaces in gyms are constantly being exposed to conditions that are favorable for the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria or viruses. Your local gym could be putting you and others at risk of developing infections if they neglect to sanitize surfaces or equipment.
  • Slip and fall hazards: Gym staff are typically required to walk around and pick up objects, such as water bottles or weights that were not re-racked by other guests. If gym staff do not pick up these objects, you or others could trip and fall. The same could be true if staff fail to clean up or mark spills. Cracks in the floor or problems with carpeting could cause falls.
  • Improper advice from staff: Many gyms employ personal trainers and nutritionists. In some cases, these professionals can be responsible for harming guests. They may instruct a guest to perform a certain exercise the wrong way. In other cases, they could provide nutritional advice that results in serious harm.

Can I File a Lawsuit Against a Gym if I Signed a Waiver?

An injury or death caused by the negligent actions of a business would necessitate a lawsuit for damages, either for yourself or your surviving family members. With gyms and other recreational facilities, it is not always an easy process to file a lawsuit. If you were the one responsible for signing up for the gym membership, you might have noticed that the gym required you to sign a waiver.

It is not guaranteed that the gym cannot be held liable simply because you or a loved one signed a waiver. You should still speak with a personal injury attorney who can review the language of the waiver to determine whether it would be enforceable. There are also other parties, such as equipment manufacturers, who could be held accountable for damages.

The Atlantic City personal injury lawyers at Donald G. Targan & Associates can review the details of your or a loved one’s case to determine whether you have options for filing a lawsuit.

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