Can I Sue If My Family Member Is Killed in an Elevator Accident?

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Sadly, hundreds of people each year are injured in elevator accidents across the country. Additionally, on average, about 26 people die annually because of the catastrophic personal injuries they suffered in elevator

Unfortunately, defective elevators can improperly stop or close on an individual, causing entrapment or terrible falls. These accidents are more common in Atlantic City than in other parts of the country, because of the number of tourists staying at area resorts. Aside from casinos, they can also happen at businesses and apartment complexes.

These accidents can kill and injure not only civilians, but also employees and maintenance workers. Tragically, on August 15 a maintenance worker was killed in an elevator accident at the New York Avenue Apartments, as the elevator began moving while he was working on it.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, Brian Jacome, 25, of New York, was trapped as the elevator doors shut and the elevator began to descend. It is unclear which company employed Jacome, but the newspaper reported that a U.S. Elevator Co. truck was parked in the building’s parking lot.

A witness told investigators that that the elevator system has long been a problem at the apartments.

“They needed to be fixed,” Al Revis, a resident of the building said, according to the Press. “They need new elevators. They’ve been needing new elevators. … When I moved in, they told me they needed new elevators, and I’ve been here six years.”

What Should I Do If My Loved One Is Killed in an Elevator Accident?

As we reported recently in our blog, the Center for Construction Research and Training indicated that 49 percent of the deaths in elevator accidents involving workers resulted from lack of protections, including guardrails in front of open shafts and personal fall protection systems.

It is unfortunate that so many avoidable accidents are occurring. If your loved one is injured or killed in an elevator accident, contact our law office immediately. We serve clients nationwide, and have secured million dollar settlements for injury victims.

For more information, contact us today. We will investigate whether negligence played a role in your elevator accident.

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Targan Talk: Property owners are responsible for all elevator maintenance, including making sure there are no defects with mechanical parts.


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