Can I Sue Atlantic City or the Surrounding Community If I Suffer a Boardwalk Injury?

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As we have reported in our blog, our Atlantic City personal injury attorneys have been involved in lawsuits involving claims over boardwalk accidents. spinal-cord-injury

Interestingly, last week, reported that over the last five years, communities in the Atlantic City-area have paid more than $1.8 million in settlements and damages to people who claimed they sustained injuries while on the boardwalk.

The news outlet reported that in 2014 alone, the communities and their insurers have had to pay nearly $800,000 in claims. Many of the injuries include broken wrists and hip fractures from falls.

In one case, the news outlet reported that a woman received a $400,000 settlement after she was injured riding her bike. The woman’s tire reportedly became wedged on some rotten boards, and she was thrown to the ground, fracturing her hip. The injury reportedly required surgery.

In another case, Ocean City settled a lawsuit with a jogger for $125,000 after she fell and sustained serious injuries due to issues with the rise of the wood on the boardwalk.

How Can I Speak to an Attorney about a Boardwalk Accident?

If you have suffered serious injuries, like broken bones, a brain injury or spinal cord injury, due to issues on the boardwalk, you should call our office. These accidents can occur because of problems with cracks in the cement, holes in the surface or rotten wood.

The communities in this area have a duty to keep residents and tourists safe. Our staff includes a medical consultant, investigator and assistants with extensive experience in the field—we are very familiar with cases involving boardwalk accidents.

Call our office today, so that we may help you seek justice if you are suffering from a boardwalk injury.

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