Can I Sue Atlantic City If I am Injured in a Casino?

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As we reported on Monday, our Atlantic City personal injury attorneys have been involved in lawsuits due to casino negligence. slot-machines1-300x199

These lawsuits have stemmed from neglect, which has included issues like over-serving alcohol to patrons and improper security, as the casinos have a duty to keep patrons safe.

With this in mind, it should be noted that the city might make some legislative changes that could potentially affect litigation involving employees who are off-duty while working at local casinos.

The Press of Atlantic City that as of last week, the city council was weighing changes to a local ordinance which covers employees who are off-duty serving in positions at the casinos.

According to the Press, the city council was thinking about tweaking a law that says:

“[W]henever an official, officer or employee of the City of Atlantic City is a defendant in any civil action or legal proceeding arising out of or incidental to the performance of his or her duties,” the city will provide that person “with the necessary defense … (and) shall hold such official, officer or employee harmless and indemnify him or her from the payment of any settlement or judgment resulting from the proceeding.”

The protections include instances of police officers providing security to establishments like casinos. The changes being proposed would replace the word “incidental” to “within the scope of” the performance of duties, according to the Press.

Of course, this could have an impact on who an injury victim could file a lawsuit against.

Complications with negligent security at the casinos is not uncommon. Recently, a Florida family filed a lawsuit against Caesars Entertainment Corp., saying that security member actions led to multiple injuries among its members.

The lawsuit, which also includes the city as a defendant, seeks $5 million in damages.

How Can I Speak to an Attorney about an Atlantic City Casino Incident?

While the city may make some changes to local ordinances regarding injury lawsuits, this should not prevent you from taking actions if you have been injured due to casino negligence.

Remember, these establishments have a duty to keep you safe while you are frequenting them. You should not have to suffer, because a casino failed to monitor or train an employee. Call our office today, so that we may help you seek justice if you are suffering.

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