How Can We Reduce the Rate of Teen Drivers in Fatal Car Accidents?

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Close-up car accidentThe leading cause of death among teens is car accidents. The Centers for Disease Control report that six teens die every day from motor vehicle crashes. As many as two in three teen passengers who are killed in car accidents happen when another teen is driving.

New Jersey has initiated a number of programs designed to reduce the number of teen drivers in fatal car accidents, and while they seem to be working, many wonder if they are doing enough. Educational programs such as the Share the Keys initiative, which targets parents and their teens, have done well to mitigate the rate of fatal car accidents, but the death count is still too high.

How Many Teen Driver Car Accidents Happen?

The New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety released a list of crash rates involving teen drivers in a number of New Jersey counties. Per 10,000 residents, the number of teen driver car accidents are as follows:

  • 888 Ocean
  • 849 Cape May
  • 818 Somerset
  • 805 Monmouth
  • 757 Morris
  • 754 Bergen
  • 749 Middlesex
  • 628 Atlantic

Investigators say that the mistakes typically made by teen drivers which lead to car accidents are not usually conscious errors, but errors of inexperience or ignorance.

According to the NJDHTS, not only is the rate of fatal accidents four times higher among drivers 16 to 19 than those aged 25-69, but the chances of a teen driver being in an accident doubles when there is just one teen passenger. An accident is five times more likely if there are two or more teen passengers.

What to Do If You’re in a Car Accident with a Teen Driver

First, make sure you seek medical attention for any injuries you’ve sustained. If able, take pictures of the scene, and gather contact information from the other driver. If there are any potential witnesses, you may benefit from collecting contact information from them as well.

Talk with a personal injury attorney to discuss your options going forward. The sooner you talk with an attorney, the more effective they can be.

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