Can I File a Lawsuit for a Tough Mudder Injury?

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Recently, a Brooklyn man filed a lawsuit after he was injured in a New Jersey Tough Mudder race, saying that a piece of metal on an obstacle impaled his knee. Photo of medical scan

According to South Brunswick Patch, the lawsuit was filed in New York. The Tough Mudder race was held in Old Bridge in 2013. The man claims that he was attempting to go through an obstacle when a hidden piece of metal under a pool of sludge affected his knee.

The man claims that the wound became seriously infected, leading to emergency surgery. The portion of the race where the injury allegedly occurred is called “Electroshock Therapy,’’ when runners go through wires that dangle over mud trenches, according to Patch.

Tough Mudder did not respond to interview requests about the lawsuit, other than to say that safety was its “top priority.”

What Are My Legal Rights After I Sign an Injury Waiver?

Many adventure races or obstacle courses require that participants fill out waivers prior to allowing them to compete in an event. However, you should know that these waivers often have a limited legal reach.

Most of these waivers make participants acknowledge that there is a risk for injury. However, they do not cover injuries caused by the reckless behavior of other racers and/or gross negligence on the part of organizers, including the failure to monitor potential hazards like objects on courses that may cause injuries.

While waivers may seem intimidating if you are an injury victim, one way to know if you have a potential legal claim is to speak to our Atlantic City injury attorneys. We can review your case and determine if event organizers were negligent following or leading up to an injury incident.

If you have questions about injury liability when it comes to a race or public event, speak to our Atlantic City attorneys or visit our FAQ page. To see how we have helped injury victims, visit our verdicts and settlements page.

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