Can I File a Lawsuit if I’m Injured in a Police Cruiser Accident?

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Did you know that you could file a lawsuit following an accident involving a police cruiser? Each year, thousands of police cruisers are involved in car accidents in the United States, leaving people suffering from personal injuries or, even worse, fatal injuries. While New Jersey accident statistics are not available, in October the Boston Globe had an interesting story about the damages caused by police car accidents. Photo of car accident

How Common are Accidents with Police Cars?

According to the newspaper, over the course of the previous five years, Massachusetts State Police were involved in more than 1,800 accidents, leaving behind many injury victims. Amazingly, state police told the Globe that hundreds of the accidents were a result of “troopers driving too fast, ignoring traffic signals or violating other safety rules.”

While we understand that police officers and troopers have difficult jobs, and that they often have to respond to calls quickly, they should always take the safety of other people on the road into consideration. According to the Globe, the average Massachusetts cruiser travels 22,500 miles a year, nearly double the typical mileage for US drivers. While this number does not reflect New Jersey, it still shows how important it is for police officers and troopers to use good judgment when traveling.

Tragically, on December 29, a police cruiser struck and killed a 10-year-old boy who was walking to a friend’s home for a sleepover in Franklin Township, according to NBC Philadelphia. Witnesses said the cruiser was traveling fast and did not have its lights or a siren at the time of the accident. The officer involved in the crash was reportedly attending to a call. The accident remains under investigation.

What Rights Do Families Have After a Police Car Accident?

If your loved one has experienced personal injuries or died in a crash involving a reckless driver, even if it is a police officer, you should speak to our attorneys. Police officers and first responders must show good judgment when responding to calls. Call us today if you have been affected by another driver’s lack of judgment to learn about your legal rights.

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