Can Daytime Headlights Reduce Car Accidents?

Posted on August 7, 2017 at 12:00pm by

Picture Of Rearend AccidentDaytime headlights are usually not considered necessary for safe driving, when it’s light outside. It is common to assume that headlights are only useful when other cars are not visible. However, studies are now showing that keeping headlights on during the day can help reduce your chances of being in a crash.

How Do Daytime Headlights Help?

Recent studies are showing that keeping headlights on all the time can help decrease accidents the way they help at night. One study is showing that they could help reduce accidents by 10%. More specifically, they found a 23% reduction in head on accidents involving motorcycles and vehicles. They saw pedestrian car accidents decrease by 12% and car crashes with two vehicles lower by 5.7%.

Most of these accidents result in serious injuries or even death. So, any way to help the number of accidents go down is important. The reason daytime headlights help with this is as straight forward as you may think. It all comes back to visibility. The study has found that even during the day, having headlights on will help drivers to be more aware of what is on the road around them.

What Changes Should Be Made?

Some European countries have seen accidents go down after implementing laws to make constant running headlights in new cars.  For example, Denmark had an over 37% decrease in car accidents that involved a left turn. Canada is another example, with an 11% reduction of multiple vehicle accidents. The U.S. does not currently require cars to be made with this feature. Since the vehicles are not changing, the drivers must be educated in order to make a change. Especially since responsibility will most likely begin to fall on drivers to ensure that their lights are on and they are driving as safely as possible.


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