Can Casinos Be Held Liable If a Guest Is the Victim of a Crime on Their Property?

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Security GuardIn January, a 74-year-old New Jersey woman was the victim of a violent crime at a casino while visiting the Philadelphia area. Per the Delaware County Daily Times, the woman was approached by two women in the Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino and Racetrack in Chester parking. The two women pushed her to the ground and ripped the handbag she was holding from its straps. Thanks to video surveillance, which captured the armed robbery, the two women who committed the assault were apprehended in early February. Still, the question remains, could this crime have been prevented if the casino provided better security?

What Is Negligent Security?

When a business fails to provide a safe environment for visitors, it is known as negligent security. Examples of negligent security can include not having enough security guards on duty, failing to provide adequate lighting or having doors with broken locks. If for instance someone is able to break into your hotel room at a casino because the door lock was defective and steal from you or assault you, that could be considered the result of negligent security.

Millions of people visit Atlantic City’s casinos annually. Guests at these casinos should not have to worry about being the victim of a crime because the casino did have security guards, lacked security cameras or did not keep its door locks properly maintained. In such cases, even if the person or persons who committed the crime against the casino’s guest is criminally convicted, it will not help victims or their families with hospital bills, rehabilitation expenses or property loss/damage. However, filing a negligent security claim can help victims hold casinos financially responsible for the pain and suffering their negligence has caused.

For decades, our New Jersey personal injury lawyers have been protecting the rights of injury victims and their families in Atlantic City and Cape May, including securing several multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements.

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