Can a Casino Be Responsible for Violent Crime against Patrons?

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People come to Atlantic City to have a good time, but wherever there is money to be spent, there are people willing to take advantage of the situation.

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Take, for example, the case of a 76-year-old New Yorker who came to Atlantic City for a little gambling at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino in mid-February. While attempting to enter his hotel room in the early morning hours, the man was assaulted by two criminals in ski masks, who pushed him into his room, stole his money, casino chips, cell phone and worst of all, broke his back.

Fortunately, police were swift in identifying suspects and were able to find them and take them into custody. However, this does not change the fact that the victim suffered a severe injury.

In situations where violent crime occurs on another party’s premises, is it ever the fault of the property owner? It can be – negligent security is covered under personal injury laws.

Negligent Security in Casinos

Under the doctrine of premises liability, injuries sustained on another person’s or party’s property can lead to damages for pain and suffering, lost future wages and medical bills, among others. But in order for premises liability to apply, it is necessary to prove negligence on the part of the person or company that owns the property.

In situations where violent crime occurs on casino property, it is possible to prove that the casino committed negligence if it can be shown that the property has a history of violent crime. As with any other premises liability case, the property owner is required to address unsafe conditions on the property to ensure the safety of patrons. If violent crime occurs multiple times at a casino, that casino is responsible for providing increased security to deter crime from happening again. Failure to address rampant crime problems can allow patrons injured by violent crime to seek damages from the negligent casino owners.

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