Can This Campaign Prevent the Improper Administration of Cancer Treatments?

Posted on December 28, 2016 at 12:00pm by

Photo of a doctor holding a pill bottleA national campaign has recently formed to reduce the number of cases of improper administration of cancer treatments. A mistake where doctors improperly administer chemotherapy has been killing patients rather than helping them. A campaign known as Just Bag It is hoping to put a stop to that.

How Can We Make Cancer Treatments Safer?

Occasionally, due to medical malpractice, the chemo drug Vincristine is injected into the spinal column instead of the vein. This can be a fatal mistake for cancer patients. The campaign is aiming to use an IV to administer the drug instead. This would eliminate the risk while still providing the medication just as effectively.

Currently, about half of all hospitals already administer chemotherapy this way, but a recent campaign out of Philadelphia is hoping to spread that to every hospital in the country. The program is being run by the National Comprehensive Cancer network.

According the Dr. Carlson, who leads the organization, more than 100 cancer patients have already died from this error. Switching to the IV would make it impossible for doctors to make this mistake, and could save hundreds of lives.

The hope is that campaigns like this can continue to find ways to make medical malpractice less common for patients. When we go to our doctors, we trust their expertise to provide us with the care we need. Nobody should ever lose a loved one because of a simple and preventable mistake like this.

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