Can Atlantic City Casino’s Partnership with Uber Stop Drunk Driving?

Posted on December 2, 2015 at 11:20am by

Photo of car accidentCaesar’s Entertainment Corporation has partnered with Uber in an effort to attract more tourists to Atlantic City. The company behind three of Atlantic City’s popular casinos, Caesar’s, Bally’s, and Harrah’s, hopes that giving out a promotion code for a free Uber ride to guests spending the night in one of their hotels will help draw in more customers.

Uber has claimed that they have given as many as 400,000 rides a month in New Jersey. The ride-sharing app has been under a lot of pressure from taxi companies because it does not follow the same inspection and regulation system Taxis are required to follow. Recently, a couple of Pennsylvania judges proposed fining Uber $50 million for not following those regulations.

There is also a lot of controversy in the news regarding Uber’s misclassification of drivers. Are they employees or are they independent contractors? A lawsuit is in the works to determine the answer to that question as well.

However, forgetting about these issues for a moment, how many lives is Uber saving every day?

Can Uber Stop Drunk Driving?

Drunk driving is a plague upon this nation, costing the U.S. upwards of $190 billion every year. Someone is injured in a drunk driving accident every two minutes, and 28 people are killed every day, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Offering free Uber rides to guests that stay in some casino hotel is all well and good, but even more important is the number of people that could potentially avoid an accident or death by taking Uber.

Of those 400,000 rides Uber gives every month in NJ, how many of them involved drunk passengers? How many would-be drunk drivers has Uber prevented from causing a fatal accident?


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