Is BMW’s New Bike the Future of Motorcycle Safety?

Posted on October 24, 2016 at 12:00pm by

motorcycle-accidentBMW has been showing off a new concept bike that may give us a glimpse into the future of motorcycle safety. The BMW Motorrad Vision NEXT 100 is the most recent in BMW’s Vision series, a line of concept bikes meant to demonstrate new cutting-edge concepts.

What’s Unique About This New Bike?

BMW claims that the bike has a balancing system that will keep it up upright. This could help prevent motorcycle accidents where the bike falls over, a common injury for novice riders. It will also balance during movement to help experienced riders optimize their performance and safety.

Another important safety technology will allow the bike to turn without the normal joints that motorcycles have today. This means that when a rider turns, the entire frame will adjust to move in that direction. The sensitivity of this turning feature will decrease as the motorcycle speeds up. This could help prevent crashes from accidental twitch turns at high speeds.

Will Technology Like This Really Improve Motorcycle Safety?

Many see technology as the enemy on the road, as many drivers are killed each year from distracted driving, but technology in cars such as automated driver assistance systems has also been making large steps towards greater safety. As cars move towards self-driving technology, it only makes sense that motorcycle makers will try to make comparable innovations.

The technology that BMW demonstrates with this bike might not be the end of motorcycle accidents, but it would give riders a meaningful safety advantage on the road. Like most concept vehicles, we may never see this bike on the road, but many of the technologies it demonstrates will likely find their way into future models.

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