Why Are Birth Injuries and Maternal Deaths on the Rise in America?

Posted on June 20, 2016 at 11:26am by

birth-injury-medical-malpracticeIn the US, approximately 14 of 100,000 babies die during childbirth, more than almost any other developed country. America is also ranked poorly when it comes to preventing mothers from dying during childbirth; we rank 46th in the world.

The rates of birth injuries, infant deaths, as well as injuries and deaths of mothers in childbirth are all significantly higher than they were 20 years ago, and continue to rise.

Why Are Birth Injuries and Maternal Death on the Rise?

Some experts argue that the general decline in the health among women in America is at least partially to blame, but that’s not all. A few of the more common causes of death during childbirth include heavy bleeding, increased blood pressure, and obstructed labor.

However, more often than not, experts agree that hospitals, doctors, and patients that prioritize speed over safety are most responsible for the dramatic uptick in infant and maternal deaths and injuries.

According to recent surveys, approximately one third of mothers opted to deliver their child via cesarean section. The US has an incredibly high rate of C-section when compared to other developed countries. While C-sections are used to save lives on many occasions, many women are opting to have them even when there is no medical reason.

Overuse of pregnancy intervention, such as inducing labor without a medical reason or planned early births, often puts both mothers and their babies at a higher risk. Doctors are beginning to see the link between increasing rates of common interventions and death. Overuse of interventions may even be considered medical malpractice in some cases.

In addition, medical errors and communication breakdowns are responsible for a great deal of injury and death every year. Doctors who are negligent or are not operating with the appropriate level of caution should be held responsible for the pain they inflict.

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